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The second major town in kanyakumari district. Well known for its evergreen climate and fertile lands. Serves as a hub for various professionals entrepreneurs and tourists Situated in the center of two states (Tamilnadu & Kerala).

Realizing that there was no leisurely and pleasant relaxation spot in and around Marthandam, we came up with the ultimate clubhouse experience. We want our guests to enjoy family time, ‘me’ time and a memorable gathering with friends. Honey Hives is the one stop hilltop destination for complete restoration, recreation and rejuvenation. We are committed in creating the perfect experience through outstanding services and unique offerings. You can count on us to honour our commitment and provide with a clubhouse experience you will never  orget

About Marthandam

Welcome to Marthandam! The lush and evergreen scenery, majestic mountains, beautiful water bodies and vibrant history make this a place you cannot miss. We are most famous, however, for our delicious honey. The HoneyHives Family Clubhouse celebrates the rich culture of this region.

Perched on top of a dramatic cliff-edge with a breathtaking view, Honey Hives is an eco-friendly family clubhouse that offers an unforgettable experience for everybody. Flanked on one side by the stunning beauty of the Western Ghats and sheltered by a magnificent canopy of greenery, the ambiance of our clubhouse is unmatched. Fusing the naturally pleasing aesthetic of the hillside with an adventurous environment, Honey Hives is uniquely poised to cater to all kinds of guests. Make Honey Hives your destination and enjoy a relaxing, rejuvenating experience!

Our Unique Value

  • The location of HoneyHives has a very significant history behind it.The history is related to the construction of the “Vaikundam Bungalow.
  • These lands traditionally belonged to the Maharaja of Travancore, which later owned by Britishers and among which Britisher Captain Thomas  along with Coombe in 1911 built the Vaikundam  Bungalow.
  • HoneyHives is located near Vaikundam Bungalow.


Rooms & Suites